Brief iPhone notes followup

Thanks to everyone for the links to this post, especially to The Brooks Review, as I suspect it was that link that led to the Daring Fireball mention, which led to links from TUAW, Lifehacker, and others.

Thanks also to everyone who took time to comment, even the Evernote people with reading comprehension problems. If you’ve come back, let me recap:

  1. I have nothing against Evernote; it’s just not right for me.
  2. The article was about apps I have used for a reasonable amount of time, not every note-taking app in the world.
  3. Write your own post if you want to sway people. I’m willing to listen.

One thing I’ve always liked about editing in plain text is that you can try out new editors with impunity—all your files will come along with you. On the iPhone the ease of testing new apps is compounded by their low cost. Thanks to everyone who mentioned apps that I’d never heard of. It’s a big world of apps out there, and it’s unlikely any one person can stay on top of it. I will definitely be looking into Notesy when my work schedule calms down a bit.