AirPod update

Back in November, I had a little problem with my AirPods:

AirPods (in their case) went through the wash yesterday. At first they worked, but after charging they just make a descending marimba sound when I put them in.

New pair now or wait to see if the rumors of an impending release are true?

  — Dr. Drang (@drdrang) Sat Nov 17 2018 7:19 PM

Because they worked before they needed to be charged, I had some hope that the problem was just with the case and that the earbuds themselves were OK. I made a Genius Bar appointment in early December, had them checked out, and my hopes were fulfilled. Instead of having to shell out $150 for a whole new setup, I walked out of the store with my old earbuds, a new case, and a charge of “only” $70 on my credit card. An expensive mistake on my part, but not as expensive as it could have been.

(A month later, I see that Apple’s lost chance for another $80 of my money has had dire consequences. Sorry, Tim.)

In other AirPod news, my daughter gave me a leather cover for Christmas.

AirPods case cover

You might not think a case needs a cover, but I do. I keep my AirPods in my right front pocket, along with my keys, a pen, and anything else I need to carry temporarily.1 My old case had picked up stains, and the cover is a good way to keep my new one clean.

The one problem with the cover was that the leather on the back side, which folds over when you flip the top of the case open, was too stiff and would close the top when I took my fingers off it to pull out the pods. The solution was a slight modification of the technique I learned as a kid to break in a new baseball glove: I folded the top of the cover back on itself and held it that way with a rubber band for a day. Worked like a charm.

Softening the hinge line with a rubber band

  1. My left front pocket is for my phone and nothing else.