Mac Madness is right

I can barely express how disappointed I am in Stephen Hackett’s readers. I mean, look at this

Mac SE/30 defeat

And it’s not as if the MacBook Pro edged out the SE/30; it was a 65% to 35% rout. Almost as bad, Stephen referred to the SE/30 as the “SE” several times in his recap video. This is, to misquote Mark Twain, like mistaking lightning for a lightning bug.

I am not looking forward to the results from the Sweet 16 next Tuesday, when my beloved 13″ MacBook Air—the only computer I would put above the SE/30—goes against the highly overrated G4 Cube, which already beat up the smaller MacBook Air. My one hope is that so many people have used the 13″ Air that it pulls out a victory by familiarity.