Still a Happy New Year

Although it’s often frustrating when automated phone systems make it hard to talk to a real person, there are advantages. This morning I was able, through a combination of phone calls and website visits, to get credit reports and set fraud alerts with the credit reporting agencies despite the holiday. I also reported fraud with the state.

This was all prompted by a letter from the Illinois Department of Employment Security. Someone filed for unemployment using my name, and the letter was a confirmation of filing. Why someone would file using my name and my address is beyond me, as that means the debit card used for the benefits will be sent to my house, not theirs.

And even if they hang around my mailbox and grab the debit card when it arrives, they’ll be disappointed in the $0.00 benefit the state decided they deserved:

IDES unemployment excerpt

So far, all my bank and credit card accounts look OK, so the fraud attempt seems pretty shallow. It’s still a Happy New Year.