Left-handed iPhoning

Far too often for comfort, I hear or read something that makes me feel like a complete outsider to the human race. Today it was the renewed flurry over the iPhone 4’s reception issue, prompted by a Consumer Reports blog post.

You know the story: holding the iPhone 4 in your left hand while calling is likely to cover that black gap between the antennas and lower the signal strength. What I find weird about this is the interpretation that this is especially bad for left-handed people.

I’m right-handed and typically hold the phone in my left hand. I’ve always assumed that everyone tends to hold their phone in their non-dominant hand because they dial with their dominant hand. Also, holding the phone in the non-dominant hand is the only way most of us can talk on the phone and take notes at the same time. Now I learn—again—that I’m something of a freak.

Well, in this case I’m proud to be a freak. You “normals” must switch your phones from hand an awful lot: every time you run into an automated operator and have to push buttons; every time someone gives you directions or a phone number or an appointment time. No wonder you drop your phones so often.

Update 7/12/10
Early returns from Twitter suggest that I’m not alone.

Maybe it’s the reporters who are freaks.