Phil Schiller

Although I won’t be terribly surprised if Phil Schiller appears onstage during this fall’s introduction of the new iPhones—those things get planned well in advance—it’s possible we’ve seen the last of his keynote presentations. I’m going to miss them for a couple of reasons.

First, Phil’s description of improvements in the iPhone’s camera never left me feeling shortchanged. Phil knew how important the camera was to iPhone users, and his own enthusiasm for iPhone photography always came through. He understood that people watching an Apple keynote have a high tolerance for detail on the topics that are important to them. In this, Phil was carrying on the tradition of Steve Jobs, who was more than happy to slow down a presentation and go into the details when he thought it was warranted. Look up Steve’s introduction of the iPad if you need to see an example of that.

Second, Phil is the last Apple presenter who is—how shall I put this?—not quite at his ideal weight. Just like me. How am I supposed to relate to Craig Federighi’s absurdly concave midsection?1 If you’re a longtime Apple watcher, you’re probably now remembering the great Bob Mansfield. Those were the days.

  1. Or his perfect hair, for that matter.